Tuesday, 15 June 2010


____The second set project was a quick one: to use any method to encourage those in distress to call the Lifeline helpline. Of course, I chose an animation..

I struggled with ideas for this for a while, trying to overcome whatever is the animator's equivalent for writer's block! Then all of a sudden I was listening to that wonderful Papa Roach song.. and a lyric hit me as I walked out the door to my tutorial.

"a paper man cut into shreds by his own pair of scissors"

I felt this gave off not only an almost suicidal/self-harming metaphor, but also a really creative visual image of an actual paper man. This lead me to the idea of making a paper chain of men as well as various other paper ideas.

____Given time I feel I could have pushed this idea a lot further. Whether that'd be extending the story of what happens to the paper man once he walks out of shot or whether I use another paper idea altogether, such as one I had of using a flip-book.

Also annoyed that my stop-frame animation jiggles about but unfortunately I could not do much about it as my digital camera didn't have an electronic release and I couldn't get hold of one anywhere.

Lifeline FINAL

An animatic of the idea:

Original Development Test:

Further Developed Test:

I almost like this development more than my final because of the "warmth" of the colours in the animation, which for some reason I struggled to re-achieve, and I also preferred the music here, but unfortunately it was deemed too well-known!

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