Saturday, 3 July 2010

Brighton Film Workshop

____This was a piece I storyboarded and directed whilst at a day film workshop in Brighton. We were given a couple of hours theory in the morning, then over our lunchhour, had to storyboard out the camera angles, etc, from a script from a film (we had 3 script scenes to choose from, I chose a scene from American Beauty). I had seen it, but only once, and years ago, so I had well and truly forgotten what the scene really looked like. I then had an hour to direct the camera, lighting, movement, and the actors.

Below is the edited footage of what I shot in my hour of directing.
I wanted one more shot of the very last section, from an angle over her shoulder looking at him, but due to timing, this is what I got done. I also got to use the boom when I wasn't directing, and to be the camera(wo)man in someone else's piece.

I was very pleased with the outcome for a first piece of filming I'd ever done/directed! They edited the footage together and posted it to me on a disc at a later date. Somehow, they edited it exactly how I wanted it, despite never seeing my storyboard. Dead chuffed.

Would definitely recommend Brighton Film Workshops to anyone else. I can't wait to save up and return to do another workshop with them.

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