Saturday, 2 April 2011

Advertising: Skin Cancer Awareness

____This self-initiated brief set the task to create a series of campaign posters, raising awareness of Skin Cancer and the dangers of sun bathing. The orignals were completed in May 2007. Right in time for summer, ho hum.

I set about trying to steer clear of what existing examples of these sort of campaigns had done previously: shock tactics. We're becoming immune to shock tactics these days, and I felt it needed an entirely different take, but I needed it to be memorable in some way and eye-catching too.

Using symbolism for people sunbathing, I ended up at bread in the toaster, getting.. well, toasted or burnt. Addorning sunglasses, etc, the little pieces of bread took on more human-like characteristics, which is where it began to work in my favour, and become eye-catching, as well as humorous, which is where I think I succeeded in avoiding shock tactics and creating an effective series of posters.

I am also very pleased to announce that my work has been shown to the Karen Clifford Skin Cancer Charity, otherwise known as 'SKCIN', and they are very keen to use the campaign in the near future.

Watch this space :)




I was even asked to Photoshop it on a fake billboard to see its effectivity.

My tutor thought I was absolutely crackers when he saw my little toast-with-sunglasses-on scribbles on my ideas page, but he seemed to love it once it was done! So much so that one of the originals resides in a frame on the wall at college :)

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