Sunday, 3 May 2015

International Women's Day/No More Page 3

I've been avid follower of the No More Page 3 Campaign for a long time now, and I wanted to contribute creatively to the cause. I spoke to the creators of the campaign who said that they would only be interested in ideas that do not focus on using women's bodies to draw attention - as it would be contradictory - so with this is mind, I set about coming up with an eye-catching design that could also integrate itself in 'real-life' e.g not just printed collateral.

With International Women's Day (IWD) approaching (March 8th) I decided to combine both causes with a focus on the objectification of women.

Working backwards, my final designs focused on the use of paper-chain women, which were used in different ways to reflect the three messages for my poster series. I thought that these paper-chain women not only represented the joining of people and of society, but could also be used as an eye-catching and decorative piece. I set about decorating an area near Southbank, London, which was chosen because of the various events in the area focusing on IWD.

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My scamps and initial ideas follow, of which I found there could be quite a scope for flexibility of the original idea, given more time, a team, and a slightly bigger budget for materials..!

Fun fact: the 250 paper women took me 2 weeks of evenings/weekends to cut out by hand (I work full-time anyway), and were made from a roll of white wallpaper since it needed to be thicker than regular paper to stand up to being hung on railings in the wind.

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