Monday, 18 January 2016

Skin Cancer Awareness (REVAMP)

This self-initiated brief began back in 2007 at college as a simple idea for an advertisement to raise awareness of skin cancer.

I set out to do it in a way that at the time differentiated (and may still do) from the norm which was to use shock tactics in order to translate the message to the viewer. I instead wanted to use humour and memorable imagery to capture the information and I was very happy with the result. Even now, years later, I am completely in the 'less is more' boat and I feel that the simplicity of the metaphor carried off by the copyline continues to work, which is why I wanted to revamp the design and to expand the collateral into other formats.

Using Cancer Research as my hypothetical client, I used their colour palette within the design to ensure a direct link to the branding.

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Poster series:
Although I took inspiration from the positioning of the original posters, I introduced some more up to date facts to base the images on. I have also created a new method of displaying the bodycopy through use of a coloured strip, with the copyline contained within a breadslice vector shape.

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Leaflet design:
I continued the style into a leaflet, using a simple square design and allowing the bright colours, layout and photography draw the viewer in.

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Light-Sensitive Billboard:
Expanding the idea onto a bigger, and more interactive scale, I looked into a simple billboard design, but with a twist. Parts of the image would be printed using a light-sensitive ink. This would mean that when the sunlight shines upon the print, the bright blue sky and the burnt texture on the toast would be revealed. This would be not only a reminder, but also a warning to passers by that they need to be careful with sun exposure to their skin on that day.

Because of the simplicity of the design and the flexibility of the imagery, I have no doubt that this idea could be translated into all sorts of formats – whether that be other print items, digital banners, a website design, or even an advert in motion.

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