Sunday, 22 May 2016

Horse & Road Safety Awareness Infographics

In light of the recent events and the launch of a petition calling to make it the law that drivers must abide by a horse rider's hand signals, I wanted to aid the cause by creating some simple infographics that could be shared across social media to help raise awareness and inform drivers why horse riders do certain things. These are to be displayed on the Horse & Road Safety Awareness website along with their Facebook page. We are currently waiting on confirmation from the BHS (British Horse Society) regarding the official way the 'stop' sign is represented.

The infographics were based on the HRSA's logo which uses simple vector horse silhouettes in different tones of blue. These will be developed into a short animated video in order to combine all 4 messages into one. In the near future I would like to develop another series of infographics aimed at the horse riders to show them how they be safer on the roads.

I had a vague idea of the 4 facts I wanted to cover from the start, but the copywriting and visuals began life in my little notebook (always thinking on the go!) as illustrated below.

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