Sunday, 22 May 2016

JustFred Logo Design

This is the logo design for the knitting club and what will be an online store; JustFred.

The original brief started out very open, as the client was unsure what her business name was going to be. She had initially begun her knitting club under the name 'Just Fred' but she was open to new suggestions. She also stated that if possible she'd like to use a dragonfly emblem as her brand's icon. I began by brainstorming many different potential brand names, as well as trying to implement the ideas that had been requested. Below is the result of this!

This then developed into loose mock-ups in Adobe Illustrator, which was submitted to the client to hear her thoughts on what direction we should go in.

After receiving feedback I began to develop the initial ideas into something more solid. My client wanted to keep the name 'Just Fred' and selected some design elements, fonts and colours that she wanted to be tried out next. Below is the result.

A few more tweaks later, and the design was complete. I created a presentation deck to show how the logo could be used in different formats on digital and print items, as well as some guidelines to show how the logo was put together (font faces, colour specs) and the minimum size the logo should be used at.

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