Friday, 27 July 2012

Peace One Day

____ Time to tackle a new brief! I saw the opportunity in the D&AD White Pencil 2012 Brief: Peace One Day.

The objective being: "Grow awareness of and engagement with, Peace Day, establishing September 21 as a global, self-sustaining, annual day of peace, when everyone can take action to end conflict in their own lives and in the lives of others."

I realised what importance this topic had to the world and what it meant, and with such a wide target audience to cover, I set about coming up with some creative ideas..

Photobucket It started with a mindmap.. as always, and the first scribbles on the right depict what we could do with obsolete weapons once we have World Peace and there is no use for weapons anymore.. Plus a quick doodle of Banksy's famous flower-throwing rebel.

Photobucket Left: Poppies, the flower of rememberance, quick ideas on how they could promote Peace Day (21st September).
Right: Depicting 'Death to War'/'Death to Violence' I drew a gun in a coffin, perhaps thinking the copyline for the ad could be on a gravestone or engraved on the coffin.

Photobucket Left: 'Put down your weapons and make Peace' - the visual is a peace dove made up of weapons. Although I liked this idea and thought it would make a great visual, I wasn't sure if the dove was restricted to only Christianity, and didn't want to exclude any other religions or cultures.
Right: Trying to use the dove as a 'caged' bird, freedom = peace.

Photobucket Left: Another mind map plus another idea stemming from the 'Death to Violence' concept, a white sheet covering a gun, with the outline still evident, the slogan reading 'Rest in Peace'.
Right: The idea that the annual day of Peace Day is also the Superheroes day off/holiday because no one is using violence that day. I also drew a 'stop' button, hinting at the 'ceasefire' of the day.

Photobucket Left and Right: Using the notion that weapons will become obsolete and to encourage people to 'put down their weapons'/throw them away, I thought of editing the traditional litter bin symbol to a man throwing away his gun. This could then be extended by incorporating a large, oversized bin into a town centre, featuring the edited symbol, slogan, logo and date of Peace Day.

Photobucket Left: Going back over anything I might have missed with another mind map.
Right: Looking back over my best 6 ideas and deciding which ones to pursue with a pros and cons list.

Photobucket Left: Choosing to look deeper into the Superhero idea.. another mind map! This time focusing on the elements of superheroes that I could work into the idea or that might spark off others.
Right: Looking at using the 'mask' as a carrier for the detailed information. These could be used as rather unique hand-outs and flyers, and because they can be worn and would be so different to normal flat, paper flyers, there's a likelyhood that the message would last longer/go further because it's a keepsake piece of design, even if the taker of the flyer isn't that interested initially.

Photobucket Left: Looking at existing examples of mask design for shape, etc.
Right: Trying to incorporate the Peace One Day logo into the mask, slightly unsuccessfully, but it could be that the mask is a cooler shape/design for aesthetics, but it uses the colour scheme of the logo to link the two together.

Photobucket Going back to the idea that Peace Day is also the Superheroes day off, I play with some quick fineliner sketches of classic superheroes chilling in deck chairs...

Photobucket ... and incorporate how each superhero might relax. Wonderwoman would have her own custom-made bikini of course..!

Photobucket Left: Fiddling with how it could look if the Superheroes are the ones handing out the flyers. This, since they are famous, colourful, bright and would stand out so much on the highstreet, could really grab a lot of attention to the cause.
Right: And I decided that they need to be in much more 'Superhero'-like poses.

Photobucket Another idea to branch off from this is how a poster for this campaign could work. A spoof of the traditional Lord Kitchener/Uncle Sam "We Need You" war poster, could easily be curbed to use (for example) Batman, telling the audience that "We Need You to Save The World", and obviously it would continue to advertise Peace Day being on September the 21st.

The campaign development continues....

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