Sunday, 11 May 2014

Santander Infographics

One of the great things about working on the Santander account is that it has opened my eyes to the world of infographics. The simple ways of illustrating information is something I love coming up with and certainly reinforces the 'less is more' theory. They've even inspired a lot of the design on my new website. The following were all created for Santander's Facebook pages.

Two options for the 'The least expensive towns to refuel' infographic. The first one was chosen.

'The most expensive towns to refuel' infographic. Unfortunately I live right between 2 of those places.

To the left is how my petrol infographic ideas were born! Various doodles on my notepad depicting roadsign shapes, roundabouts and other related icons.

These infographics were based on tips quoted from customers on the Santander Facebook page.

This scamp shows my thinking through from 'pie' charts to chef hats, and the original brainstorm that led to my idea of the 'fuel guage' on the trolley depicting how hungry someone is.

The Chinese New Year infographic was created for the Santander Student Facebook page. It was required to show where and when in the UK you could celebrate Chinese New Year, and also that you could travel by train (and therefore that you could use your student discount to do so).

I did so by brainstorming different classic Chinese themes and icons and then came up with the Chinese calendar, which is when I worked the information into my own version.

I was asked to do these presentation slide infographics to illustrate the facts and figures of work that we do at Hogarth on the Santander account. I wanted to join together these facts into a 'journey' of information and so created a line that should be followed with highlighting icons throughout.

The infographics were born on my notepad as above.
P.S Please ignore the great dark twirly thing, I think I was waiting for something to load/uncrash.

And finally, a simple infographic showing how house prices have risen over the past few decades.

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