Saturday, 17 May 2014

Hidden Spire

 photo HiddenSpire1.jpg
Just before Christmas time I was commissioned to create some tarot card character designs for the play Hidden Spire at the Old Fire Station in Oxford. Above are the finished products.

 photo HiddenSpire3.jpg
They needed to be realistic representations of each character in the play, but digitally illustrated to match a particular chosen style. I was given some reference photos of the characters to work with (see above), and had to add their costume in at a later date once it was confirmed what they would be wearing for their performances. I completed my designs by handdrawing the outlines of the characters, filling in colour, texture, tints and tones in Adobe Photoshop.

Given more time to work on this I would have loved to have created different background clock-related designs (as the play is set in a clock shop) reflecting each character's personality.

 photo HiddenSpire2.jpg
The above set design was created by the amazing Lisa Thomas.

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