Monday, 18 January 2016


I created a poster series for HIV awareness when I was in university. I had already become very attached to design for advertising and wanted to pick a tricky subject which had been done many times before, but to do it in a different way. I chose a new angle on the subject, researching statistics and realising that a lot of the spread of the virus is ignorance and a plain unawareness that they have it at all. Whilst this was the right way to go, I originally had too many ideas all rolled into one and what I really needed to do was the keep things simple.

In this revamp, I continued the target audience (as those who are simply unaware of their virus, and of course the suggestion that they could very easily pass it onto their partner without meaning to), but looked at some great use of stock imagery which could help me to send the right message in a very 'romantic' way. The three poster ideas were chosen as typical 'coupley' images, using photoframes, flowers and cards as a basis for the copy "You're the reason I live, and the reason I die."

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These ideas could easily be translated into design for a website, digital banner, leaflets within a doctor's office, at student unions, fresher fayres or in freebie packs.

Below are just some of my initial ideas and rough scamps that I needed to get down on paper. Not only are there notes and drawings for concepts, but also ideas the angle of photography, and how a leaflet design could work.

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