Thursday, 28 January 2016

Santander HR: British Heart Foundation

Santander's charity of the year was announced as the British Heart Foundation and we were invited to create their internal collateral to promote their new charity and events.

They required a series of large-scale posters, stationary, as well as digital banners for Santander's intranet. All these had to be created in the brand's then current HR style which was cartoon people. This style had great flexibility and meant all manner of ideas and designs were possible.

I pushed the concept of doing so many 'steps' for charity by using a series of characters all 'stepping' in various ways. Some were images we already owned, some were tweaked so they all looked different and others were drawn from scratch. Placing them in a heart shape to push the charity's image further as well as keeping the colour scheme strict worked to both brand's advantages.

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