Thursday, 28 January 2016

Santander HR: Career Choices

Santander proposed the brief from Human Resources to promote their 'Career Choices' campaign internally. They required a range of collateral, from print to digital to animation. The following is a selection from each.

Intranet illustration
Firstly I was asked to illustrate a series of real Santander branches which were going to be featured on the company's intranet. These were then put together into a webspace connected by cartoon streets featuring objects and characters. When the viewer's cursor rolled over an individual branch, the red sections of it were activated to show that it was clickable.

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Design for print
The illustrations from the intranet were then translated into print onto both large-scale (toolbox) and very small-scale (jelly-bean box) boxes, as well as further design for an associated Z-Card.

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Storyboard for animation
Finally, I was provided with a script to which I had to use the street designs to create a storyboard for an animated film. Although the script was very precise, the illustrations provided great flexibility into what transitions could happen and how. A voice over was later recorded which explained the journey to the viewer.

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